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I Said This

"What if your faith in god was really a way of playing a trick on yourself. When you pray you are actually building faith in yourself instead of god. Good or bad, wouldn't the results would then be a measure of your self-dedication?"

"Pretending you are from another planet helps everthing make sense."

"Pimp your ride" means to make it look like you sell hookers."

"Death makes everything matter."

"Just because I joke about something doesn't mean I don't take it seriously. Just because I'm serious doesn't mean I won't make a joke about it. Everything is funny eventually."

"I don't get butterflies in my stomach now that I'm older. I get moths."

"'Bling' is the sound a phone makes."

"If food were a religion dieting would be repentance."

On driving: "If your going to hurl 3,000 lbs of steel, glass and plastic down the highway you'd better be damned sure where you're aiming it. Wake Up: Speed doesn't kill: It's what you do with it that does."

"I think that an artificially stimulated brain loses it's ability to self stimulate."

On Katrina victims: "I feel much respect for people with the self-worth to be appreciative when they are in need. The others deserve everything they get."

"Did you notice how people have quietly stopped calling it 'rap music'?"

"I know my A.D.D. is getting bad when I call it 'A.D...'"

"Whatever you do only matters if it is meaningful. You only matter if you are meaningful."

"How can anyone be so-called 'Proud to be American' if it's all they know."

"Because of the Internet I know many people quite well but have actually never met them."

"The product of paying attention is sensibility. Those who don't understand this concept usually die in car accidents they've caused."

"Wisdom is 90% perspective and 10% experience. Reflect, learn, do better, repeat."

"I have achieved perfect happiness except that which money can buy."

"Just because someone's telling you the truth doesn't mean that you aren't being decieved."

"The sooner you get something done, the less effort you have to put into remembering to do it."

"When cause and effect cannot be measured, then usually love had something to do with it."

"There is no fine line between someone who is unreasonable and someone with their own point of view."

"It's good to be living my life now knowing that there isn't anyone breathing down my neck making sure I'm keeping promises I never made."

"Silence is the music of the soul."

"A bad attitude is never sexy."

"Hospitality is all about food, drink, and where the bathroom is."

"I open my eyes and imagine what something should be rather than closing them and seeing it for what it is."

"Solar LED garden lighting is sick and wrong. Get help."

"Answer your cell phone in a restaurant and you are likely to get a chair hurled at you for being so stupid. Even you aren't that important."

"Technology is anti-social, numbs the soul, and satisfies only the lonely." Here's my perspective on that.

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Remember: Never use your cell phone while behind the wheel of a car. Keep your hands on the wheel, eyes on the road, and your mind on your driving.